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Wireless Heated Plate

Wireless Heated Plate

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Product Description

Wireless Heated Plate is designed to keep your food warm while you get distracted, no more microwaving and getting back up to reheat your food.

Charging base included with USB-C to USB, and USB-C to USB-C (2 cords)


  • Fully waterproof and dishwasher safe
  • Magnetic alignment for charging
  • Food safety system (auto turn off after 1 hour of use)
  • Tilt sensor (power is cut when plate is on its side or upside down)
  • Stackable charging system
  • Temperature controlled (105F-155F)
  • Battery Life 1.5 Hr
  • Fully food safe with a glassy coating on entire surface

Long lasting design, built to withstand being dropped from cabinet and countertop height. This wireless heated plate can be recharged after every meal, and has been designed to live with you for many years making your dining experience a whole lot better!