Our Story

Dishware hasn’t been updated in thousands of years, even though the way we live has changed dramatically. I thought we could do better. Running into the problem where my food kept getting cold was because of my extensive gaming addiction, I love video games! I love gaming so much that I put the game before my food, which tends to get cold while I play my game.

Assuming that a wireless heated plate already existed, I searched the market and there was nothing, after extensive research, I decided to take the idea into my own hands and make this product a reality.

A Gamer's Paradise

Microwave Out!

No more need for a microwave! Just place your next meal on the HeatKept Wireless Heated Plate, and let it do the work, enjoy a forever warm meal within minutes

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PCB Designing

We spent months designing, testing, and redesigning our circuit boards to be able to have the most efficient and safe heating and safety systems in place.

Wireless Heated Plate

Wireless Heated Plate

Extensive Research

Interviews informed our product, resulting in the ideal wireless heated plate with features to please all customers!

Our Product!
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  • The Perfect Office Accessory

    Are you tired of lunches that go cold before you can enjoy them during busy workdays?

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